Saying “YES” to the Perfect Dress

Let’s talk about pretty dresses today…more specifically, THE DRESS! Some brides have been dreaming about their gown since they were a little girl, and it’s such a thrilling moment when that dream becomes a reality. Deciding which dress to wear down the aisle can be one of the most difficult choices you make in your wedding planning journey, but I’m here to give you a few tips that I’ve picked up from my own wedding, and some of our SJP brides!


Enjoy the Process

Try to start shopping early, so that there’s less stress on you to buy right away. Put on a style or two that you never thought you’d go for; some dresses look completely different on your body than on a hanger. This is also a chance to bond with your bridesmaids, mom, or future mom-in-law. Some bridal boutiques even offer appointments with champagne and refreshments, so sit back, relax, and make an event out of it!mary thompson dress 2

Practice Makes Perfect

Choose a designated person, whether it be your MOH, a bridesmaid, or your mom, to learn how to button or corset your dress at a fitting, so that all goes smoothly on the big day.  It doesn’t seem like a difficult task, but if it’s not done correctly, it could cause fit issues throughout the day. Have them practice with the bustle too, so that you’re not losing precious time after your ceremony!


Fit is SO important! Your wedding gown should fit you like a glove, and flatter your body type.

A good seamstress will be your best friend. I fell in love with the skirt of my dress, but didn’t love the top, so I had a completely different top created with the help of a little lace! Also, after your dress is altered, make sure you can sit down, dance, lift your arms, and generally move comfortably. This is important and often forgotten, some brides with sleeves have even had a hard time hugging guests because they were too tight as they lifted their arms. Strapless dresses should fit you a little bit tighter so that you’re not having to pull it up all night. You want to be free to hug and dance the night away!


Keep in mind the style of your wedding, and the season of your wedding date. Effortless sheath dresses are more cohesive with beach weddings, while glamorous ballgowns with long trains are more suited for grand, indoor affairs. At my wedding, my long tulle train and veil were getting stuck on the cement as I walked down the aisle and the wood of the pier as we took pictures. Thankfully, nothing ripped but it’s good to be prepared for this sort of situation!

It’s been increasingly popular to have a dress change after the ceremony. This way, you can have the wow factor walking down the aisle, but be more comfortable while dancing.

Know your shades of white – this may sound odd, but wedding dresses can come in various ever-so-slightly different shades of bright white, off white, and ivory. Ensure that your veil and other elements are the same shade. Details on slightly off-white dresses show up a teensy bit better when photographed, plus you can’t usually tell the difference in person anyway.




Love sleeveless dresses but worried you’re going to freeze at your winter wedding? Add a fur stole or a lace sleeve jacket. There’s endless options for accessories that can make or break a dress. Use a crystal or colored sash to nip in your waist or tie in your dress with your color scheme. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box, I had a bride who wore angel wings at the reception of her Halloween wedding and it looked absolutely stunning.

Listen to Your Heart

Take your loved ones opinions into account, but don’t let them sway you away from your dream dress. It’s your wedding and the feeling you get when you put on that gown should be a deciding factor. ♥

How did you know your wedding dress was the one? What has your shopping experience been like? I hope to hear from you in the comments!

Love & light, Kate Sophia




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